Loving God

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Loving God

We want to help one another experience the love and power of God, growing in our awareness of His love for us and learning to take time just to be with him.  

We also want to help one another learn more about God; the history of his interaction with humanity, the richness of our inheritance in the Bible, the guidance he has given and still gives today and more.

Loving God is covered in a number of sections below and some link to additional pages to  give a more comprehensive explanation:

Types of Service: We aim to hold services for all age groups and from traditional to informal. See all these services on separate page

House of Prayer: Our House of Prayer ministries help keep prayer at the centre of all we do as a community. The regular prayer in church are 8:00am on Wednesdays and a Healing Prayer  session at 9:30am on Saturdays.

All home Groups have a prayer session during their meetings. 

As well as our regular prayer meetings in church there are many other ways that we encourage people to engage in prayer and go deeper in their relationship with God.

Exploring Faith: We run a variety of short courses, to help people explore the questions they have about faith in a relaxed and informal environment. See separate page

Youth Children and Families: There are many activities and services to help youth, children and families to find faith and enjoy the process, see separate page.


Home Groups: The are several home groups meeting daytime and evenings for full list and contact details see separate page.

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About St. Peter’s Kineton

St. Peter’s Kineton a house of prayer is an Anglican church in the Edgehill Group of churches, part of Coventry diocese. Providing large variety of services from traditional to ones suited for families and children. Also helping local community with Foodbank; Helping Hands; Meet & Eat; Meeting Point and many more.