Faith Courses

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Faith Courses

Alpha a practical exploration of the Christian faith. The course runs over 8 weeks and gives people the chance to discuss and explore some of the claims of Christianity in a relaxed informal environment


Aimed at wedding couples (or anyone that’s married or thinking of getting married) the Foundations course explores the meaning behind vows we make to each other on our wedding day.  On the wedding day the moment of making these promises to each other is over very quickly.  Foundations is a 2-hour informal, interactive presentation/discussion that gives an opportunity to look more in depth at the words used in making your wedding vows, so that they hold a much deeper meaning for you on your wedding day. 

The Questions Children Ask

What is God like?  Why do people die? What happens when people die? Why did God let people kill Jesus?  What is heaven like? Why should I forgive? What is church for? And more… Children can ask some of the greatest questions and sometimes we are uncertain how to answer.  This 5 week course help us to explore these questions as adults and gives some ideas about how we might answer them in ways that our children will understand.

The Big Question

Can we reconcile Science and Faith? What’s the big deal about Sex and Sexuality? Why is there suffering in the world? What happens when we pray? Can Christians believe in evolution? Why are there different theories about the reasons for Jesus dying?…
Big Question evenings are an opportunity to explore some deeper theological questions. They are one evening interactive multimedia presentations/discussions that help people address some of the bigger questions they may have about life and faith.

Soul Keeping

You are more than a self, you are a soul . Our souls aren’t theological or philosophical subjects. They are the most real yet mysterious, evocative yet sacred, fragile yet indestructible, and eternal dimension of our existence. Jesus said our souls were worth more than the entire world itself.
Soul keeping is a six-week course that helps us explore what our soul is, what it needs and how to take care of and restore our souls.

Monastic Prayer

The ancient practices of monastic prayer can have a deep and significant impact in helping us know more inner peace, strength and resilience even in the most stressful of situations.  This five-week course explores various ways that we can know God more in our everyday lives and find peace/stillness in the midst of our hectic schedules.  Over the course we practice the techniques of lectio divina, Ignatian reflection, mindfulness and more and learn how we can

Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey is part course, part pilgrimage for those who are thirsty for more of God. This journey is for all those who are dissatisfied with living on the surface and who want to travel deeper into God’s heart.

This is a six-session course that is spread over 12 weeks

Life Courses

Building Lasting Relationships

Whether you are preparing for marriage, or have been living together/married for a long time, this course is an opportunity to spend time together as a couple discussing things we rarely get chance to in our hectic lives and exploring the way that relationships work.
The Building Lasting Relationships course explores:
Foundations for a lasting marriage
How well we know ourselves and our partners
Handling conflict
and more.
The course is a mixture of teaching with frequent break-out times where couples discuss each topic together.

Living Well – Managing Stress and Building Resilience

A certain amount of pressure is useful and helps us to perform at our best. But too much pressure results in people being overstressed. According to a recent survey over a third (37%) of British residents feel stressed at least one full day a week.
Government statistics show that the UK lost 12.5 million working days to work related stress, depression or anxiety. People are working longer hours, processing more information and sleeping less year on year. The stresses on our lives are not going away, if anything they are increasing.
Living Well is a five-week course that explores ways to help people thrive in the busyness of life today. During the course we will look at some of the causes of stress and explore how we can increase our ability to cope with stress by developing our:

Physical resilience,
Mental resilience,
Emotional resilience,
Relational resilience and
Spiritual resilience.

Parentalk – Parenting under 12’s a survival guide

Parenting is a mixture of highs and lows … and everything in between. It can bring some of life’s biggest joys, but also its greatest challenges. For most of us, a bit of encouragement and a reminder that we’re not alone can make a real difference.
Parent talk is a five-week course which gives space to think about and develop our communication with our children, setting boundaries, helping them grow in independence while keeping them safe and, above all, building strong bonds with them that will help us weather those teenage storms.
The aim of these sessions is to have you leaving inspired and empowered as a parent.
Run in association with Mothers Union. There is a space for children to play and relax while you parents can enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

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