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Helping one another to become the people that God calls us to be.

Jesus said, “Follow me.” If a rabbi invited you to follow him that meant he believed that you could become like him.  St Paul wrote about the Lord’s people ‘being transformed into his likeness’ (2 Cor 3:18).  This is what we mean when we say we are becoming the people God calls us to be. 

We’ve several ministries designed to help one another on this journey.

Going Deeper

Going Deeper Prayer Pilgrimages provide an opportunity for prayerfully seeking God in scripture with the help of one to one meetings with a prayer guide. Each pilgrimage lasts three to six weeks.

Establishing a Rule/Rhythm of life

Recognising that God has given us many ministries: as a family member, in church, in employment, in other roles in our community, etc. and exploring how all of those might fit into a pattern that we can sustain and will help us to grow to become the person that God calls us to be.

Exploring Faith 1 to 1 Many of us have questions about life and faith, but the challenge is where to begin or who to ask.  For those that would like to explore their questions more fully, we offer one-to-one discussions to help people grow in confidence with their faith.

Guided Reflection When do we really get the chance to stand back and examine our life, faith, ministries, work, etc.  For those that would like to ‘take stock’, we offer an opportunity to meet with someone to help them reflect on where they are with God, what they are doing in ministry and work, how they are connected in community, etc.  This could be a one-off meeting, but many people find it helpful to pause for a reflection like this every year or two.

Our home groups provide a space for people to grow stronger connections with the church family, support one another in our journey as disciples and explore questions about life and faith. See more detail on Home Group page

Courses We run a range of courses in areas like understanding your gifts and passions, Prayer Ministry, Living Well (managing stress and building resilience), Building Lasting Relationships, and more.

See Faith Courses page 

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About St. Peter’s Kineton

St. Peter’s Kineton a house of prayer is an Anglican church in the Edgehill Group of churches, part of Coventry diocese. Providing large variety of services from traditional to ones suited for families and children. Also helping local community with Foodbank; Helping Hands; Meet & Eat; Meeting Point and many more.